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Actively working to save East Rosebud Creek and other American Treasures

Petition to designate East Rosebud Creek Wild & Scenic. Vote pro Senate Bill S2393 - East Rosebud Wild and Scenic Rivers Act.Help to save East Rosebud Creek for Future Generations.

More than 1800 Signatures on petition including all large ranch owners in the area

Every voice counts. Please sign this petition and ask all your family, friends and friends of friends to sign too.

East Rosebud Creek drainage surrounded by designated wilderness is about as close to paradise as it gets. Forest Service found it eligible for Wild and Scenic River Designation for its outstanding geologic, recreational and scenic values. This pristine area was endangered by small output hydro dam projects several times in the past. A little bit of power for a lot of irreversible destruction. This site has been set up to provide information and tools for people who want to help save this paradise. If you are not familiar with the issue, you can find background information on our home page

Please fill in the template below to sign the petition to designate East Rosebud Creek Wild & Scenic and stop all future dam proposals that way. We need your e-mail, name and address for this purpose. If you want to add a comment that is even better. Your information will be kept confidential on our server. The only purpose of collecting your information is to send you updates about the ongoing project and to send a list of petition supporters to relevant decision makers with the goal of saving East Rosebud Creek in its current beautiful state. You will be able to remove your name from e-mail list and petition at any time.

Couples have two voices to oppose the dam project. Please get your significant other to sign too. You have to use a different e-mail. Otherwise the system is overriding your first entry. If you don't have a second e-mail, you can use the same name and then (example: becomes for the spouses entry).